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EZ-XY Works With:

  • Asparagus
  • Borojo (coming soon)
  • Long beans (P. longum, coming soon)
  • Squash (coming soon)

Fast, accurate, affordable

  • Results online within 48 hours of lab receipt
  • No false positives, only trustworthy results
  • As low as $10 per sample

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"This saves time, equipment, soil, and money, and also helps maintain compliance with plant count limits. Highly recommended!"

— McBLAZE, Best Bud, 2016 DC State Fair

"Thank you @farmerfreemanezxy for coming through in the clutch and keeping us somewhat on schedule! Super professional! Can't wait to separate the boys from the girls later tonight!"

— D.C. Seed Exchange

Here to help.

Farmer & Freeman LLC is a Washington, D.C. startup whose goal is to produce and distribute biotechnology tools for agriculture, horticulture and hobby-gardening. Our flagship product, EZ-XY, is a DNA-based sex identification test for plants. Using EZ-XY allows growers to identify the sex of their plants weeks before maturation.

Founded in Glover Park, 2015.