EZ-XY: Male or Female?

EZ-XY will tell you the sex of your plant within days of sprouting. Gone are the days of feminized seeds, clone-only growing, and waiting for pre-flowers. Farmer Freeman has a fully equipped DNA lab for analysis of plant tissues and genetics. Let us help fine tune your results--and your bottom line. 

Whether you're growing one plant or thousands, Farmer Freeman's proprietary DNA analysis service will optimize the efficiency of your grow and bring huge savings. EZ-XY analysis service is offered for home growers as well as commercial cultivators. Our DNA analysis can test plants as young as a week old which helps growers achieve maximum potential through DNA detection of male plants long before their maturation period. Using our custom built online database means tracking results is easy, organized, and discrete.


For large-scale & commercial growers, please feel free to contact us to request a quote. Farmer Freeman is capable of on-site visits and local analysis.